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TCM for Anxiety & depression

Anxiety and depression are conditions that affects many people in the modern day, from young to old, with causes dependent on a range of factors.

Depression and anxiety can be caused from a variety of factors:

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Poor diet

  • Long-term stress

  • Conflict/trauma

  • Personal issues

  • Overworking

We at our West London herbal clinic provide holistic treatment for the alleviation of anxiety and depressive symptoms, from which the direct cause varies person to person.

How does TCM view anxiety and depression?

Traditional Chinese Medicine does have a theory on the root cause of anxiety – It is theorised that those suffered from anxiety tend to have excessive energy, otherwise known as heat or qi (energy) in the head.

Symptoms of which typically involve irrational thoughts/worrying, racing thoughts, insomnia/sleep problems, a tendency to suffer from panic attacks, etc.

Depression is viewed a little differently according to TCM, in which energy is involved, it can be described instead as stagnant energy.

This stagnant energy is what leads to the symptoms of depression, commonly known as lack of inspiration, chronic fatigue, internal anger and poor ability to focus.

Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression

As anxiety and depression are associated with imbalances of the bodily systems overall, acupuncture can be an effective treatment for assistance of the alleviation of anxious and depressive symptoms.

Acupuncture works to both free stagnant qi that contributes to depressive symptoms, as well as help to spread qi around the body that may be built up; Much like when heat in the head can lead to anxiety, acupuncture helps to spread this energy accordingly.

Of course, the length of treatment required for treating your anxiety or depression with acupuncture depends on person to person, according to the severity of the condition.

We usually recommend beginning your treatment schedule with 1-2 sessions a week, gradually tapering to once a week and bi-weekly, as symptoms gradually improve. Acupuncture helps to balance the body and regulate the flow of qi around the body.

This is turn helps to improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression in a natural way, without the requirement for pharmaceutical treatments.

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At our West London Chinese herbal clinic, we provide top-notch acupuncture treatment for those dealing with the daily hardships of life.

Come in today and we can tailor a treatment regimen to suit you!

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