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Fertility Clinic Near Me

Infertility is a very sensitive topic for many, affecting both men and women. Factors that affect infertility include:

  • Age

  • Genetics

  • Chemical & toxin exposure

  • Poor diet

  • Inflammation

We provide infertility treatment in our London herbal clinic located in Hammersmith. Treatment of which includes a combination of both acupuncture and herbal medicines to help achieve desired results.

How do we approach infertility at Herbal China?

We traditionally treat infertility with acupuncture treatment, for males this helps to improve sperm quality and mobility, which can be achieved with repeat treatments.

For women, infertility could be the result of the development of cysts in ovaries, repeat acupuncture can be an effective solution to target cysts to allow for the patient to get pregnant successfully.

Another aspect of reversing infertility is the introduction of traditional Chinese herbal medicine/herbs in the form of balanced targeted formulas to address the body’s holistic health, and in turn helping to improve fertility.

Our leading practitioner, Lianting Zhang, will also advise on which foods to introduce into your diet for optimal results.

Bear in mind these treatments can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, this of course dependant from person to person and some may not achieve the desired results.

Fertility Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine near you

We provide local infertility treatment for both men and women, in our Hammersmith herbal clinic, based in West London.

Get in touch regarding our herbal treatment and acupuncture for infertility, we will happily provide a consultation and tailor a treatment to suit your needs.

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