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Chinese Deep Tissue Massage Hammersmith

We offer Chinese Tuina and Deep tissue & Sports massages in our Hammersmith Clinic. The main focus of our deep tissue sports massage therapy is on the area of tension or injury, a massage designed to stimulate and improve blood flow to the region, helping to kick start the body's own natural healing mechanisms.

It's an excellent deep tissue massage in our Hammersmith deep tissue massage clinic that rids you of deep-rooted knots and tension points especially in the neck, shoulders and back.


If you work or live in Hammersmith and want a traditional Chinese massage to alleviate the tension accumulated through
stressful work days, then you've come to the right place considering us.

Benefits of Chinese Massage Treatments

  •     Easing muscular strain by easing the De-Tox process 

  •     Improving circulation by increasing oxygen flow the bloodstream & the nervous system

  •     Reduction of emotional and physical stress

Book a Chinese massage in our Hammersmith parlor today, and see what we can do for you!

Located on King Street, our Chinese massage specialist will be sure to relieve the tension that builds up from day to day chores, whether you're a mother trending to your young children or a practical worker, charity worker on their feet all day or an office worker sitting at a desk all day long, our Chinese massage treatments in Hammersmith are for any and everyone.

Our Chinese Tuina (deep tissue massage) clinic in Hammersmith, focuses on the interior issues, and resolving them from the root of the problem, book your invigorating Chinese Tuina treatment today!

Get in Touch regarding our Chinese Massage Service
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